TV Coverage and Pictures from the F2o Exhibition – Dec. 6,7,8 2010

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It‘s here!
The NEW F2o collection will be launched at The Exhibition on Monday 6th of December + Tuesday 7th of December, 2010.
You’ll find a variety of original designs and items for men, women, and kids!
Timings: 10am-1:30pm and 5:00pm-9:30pm


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Now Ooh Yal Azrag F2o T-Shirt with one dozen of Chocolate Bar’s Al Azrag cupcakes Free for the first 10 orders to suport Al Azrag against Yemen.



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Oh Yal Azrag!

Wishing our team all the best in the 2010 Gulf Cup!

Go Kuwait! We got this! 😀

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Post Positive Planners – By Studio R

My dear friend, Rawan Al-Nafisi, who is a graphic designer, photographer, and owner of Studio R, started “Post-Positive” a while ago. I remember her posting on her BBM status something about it. When I asked her, it turns out that she was encouraging everyone to “write something positive and stick it somewhere.” I LOVED IT! Not to mention, I was going through this big, life-changing transition, going from being an employee at KNPC to quitting and being self-employed. This definitely had an impact on my already-positive attitude. So I got out my Post-it®’s and started started writing down positive quotes and statements. Before I know it, my computer screen was filled with pink, yellow, and orange pieces of paper.

Here’s my first “Post Positive” contribution:

Amazing feeling! Click here to learn more about this beautiful campaign.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you might notice how I randomly tweet statements/thoughts (which I do my best to keep positive). Little did I know, Rawan was keeping close attention to a number of tweets (not just mine). Results? I got an email from her, letting me know that I have been chosen as one of the top 12 positive quotes, and that she has a little something for me. YAAY! 😀 She designed this AWESOME planner that comes in two colors. Oh, and I also got a batch of mini cupcakes *YUM* & *bye bye diet*.

So, do you want to own this beautifully designed planner and (at least) try to organize your daily errands/meetings/appointments? All you gotta do is send an email to and place an order! Price: KD5.450. Colors: Blue, Pink.

Also, check out Abdullah’s post about Post Positive here!


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Supporting: MUTUBTUB

Come and meet me -Mutubtub- for the first time


At  Al-Raya

11.00 am – 4.00 pm

I will be waiting for you with lots of amazing surprises for you and your kids.

My team are very friendly nutritionist, dietitians and fitness trainers they will be around me to help me and your kids to live a healthy life.

Finally!Don’t forget to follow me for my coming events and daily healthy tips 😉  

Help us to create a healthier generation for a brighter kuwait 🙂

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They’re Here! F2o Skins!

F2o SKINS For Your Blackberries, iPads, and iPhones have arrived at!

All you gotta do is click here!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Stay tuned! 😉

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Character Illustration for Blogs

Do you want to spruce up your blog with a couple of whimsical characters?

Check out the custom characters done for the His & Hers blog!


All you have to do is send an email to 😉

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F2o Featured in +

Check out F2o’s interview on here

Also, check out this feature article about F2o Designs at here

For old TV interviews, you can find them on YouTube

Enjoy! 😀

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